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The women who live with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain have typically struggled for years to find a solution to end their pain. While every woman’s journey is unique, remaining silent while friends, family, and physicians reassuring them that their pain is normal is a common theme in all their stories.

The key to finding an answer starts with asking the right questions and seeking out a physician who takes the signs and symptoms of endometriosis seriously. These medical professionals should be endometriosis specialists with an individualized treatment plan for these women, including a surgical plan of action and follow-up care.

By sharing their stories, these women want to spread awareness about endometriosis in the hopes that other women won’t have to go through the same experiences they did.

Look For A Physician That Listens

Christine and Herman Cohee are getting ready to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, an event that Christine once thought was unattainable. “It was almost impossible for me to imagine ever finding a spouse, because I couldn’t think of who would want to deal...

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Education Is Key

Alyssa Pesini is a bubbly 27-year-old who, like many women with endometriosis, has her medical history all but memorized. Her journey with pelvic pain began when she started having her period at 13 years old. “I’ve always had really painful periods,” Alyssa said. “I...

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Don’t Wait to Seek Out Help for Your Pain

When Holly Reynolds first noticed her menstrual cycle had changed, she just thought it was related to stress from her work, or was having an off week.  “It was normal to have cramps and feel worn out. But then I noticed that the pain was not going away after my period...

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Adjusting to a Life Without Pain

“I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t in pain,” Kristine Olli, a 24-year-old graduate student at University of Delaware, said. “I have no memories of that. Even as a child, I had abdominal pain.” Kristine first sought treatment for her pain when she was 12 years...

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Solving a Problem Outside the Box

Beth didn’t feel quite right after a major surgery almost nine years ago. A benign ovarian dermoid tumor was strangling her right ovary and fallopian tube. Beth’s surgeon removed the tumor along with the ovary and tube—essentially dead tissue. A few months after the...

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